INJECTION – emerging fashion talent Competition established by fashion festival ‘FASHION INFECTION’ calls for international entries.

The objective of the Competition is to discover and reveal upcoming fashion designers with fresh, new and conceptual ideas. Winners will be granted with all needed support and opportunity to make a start on the catwalk of ‘FASHION INFECTION’ together with leading Lithuanian and prominent worldwide known fashion designers. Not to mention the ones who have already showed their collections: Siv Stoldal, Carlos Diez Diez, Richard Rene, Denis Simachev, Txell Miras,Alistair Carr, Jean Pierre Braganza, Barbara i Gongini, Patrick Mohr, Federico Cina and many others.

‘FASHION INFECTION’ is the most prominent annual fashion festival in Lithuania and Baltic states started in 1999 and distinguished for conceptual and innovative attitude likewise production quality.


The Competition is open both to design students and professionals, without age limit.


The Jury made up exclusively of professional designers and fashion critics will award winners. Winners will be granted with an opportunity to present their collections during the fashion festival ‘FASHION INFECTION’ (April 12-13th, 2019) in Vilnius, Lithuania. The organizers of ‘FASHION INFECTION’ undertake to cover costs of each winner (accommodation; all backstage facilities; photo and video records; press coverage; etc.). Designer covers travel expenses himself.


Phase one– all entries must comprise following material via internet till 2018 October 21st 

  • Detailed curriculum vitae with a portrait picture
  • Image, text documentation of the collection with design concept (season doesn‘t matter)
  • 15 – 20 model sketches
  • A few pictures of 1 accomplished model
  • Fabric sample pictures

Phase two– all entries selected by the Jury will be invited to participate in the second phase of the Competition. Everyone will be informed about the Jury decision personally till October 23rd, 2018.

All entries invited to the second phase will have to present 5 implemented models on the catwalk during the final show of the Competition. Designers can arrive personally to the event (but they will have to cover travel expenses themselves. Organizers will only take care of accommodation) or send the models with precise instructions by post. Organizers will send the models back to the designers after the final show.

Theme for 2018 Competition


Fixed outfit standards or details already existed in Ancient times. After garment mass production methods were distinctly upgraded in XVIII century, military uniform manufacturing started increasing numerously. The more pieces > the lower price you get.

Uniform unites / represents / boosts one’s pride / brings discipline / preserves / makes a statement / affects / empowers, but sometimes we choose a uniform which imprisons / camouflages / depersonalizes.

  • Winners will be announced during the final ‘INJECTION’ show held in Vilnius, Lithuania, in November 2018.
  • The winner is obliged to show not less than 20 models at ‘FASHION INFECTION’ which will be held in April 12-13th2019 in Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • Winner is obliged to cover his model fees during ‘FASHION INFECTION’.
  • The organizers of ‘FASHION INFECTION’ undertake to cover costs of accommodation, all backstage facilities, photo and video records, press coverage; etc.. Designer covers travel expenses himself.


The Jury, made up exclusively of professionals, will assess the authenticity and originality of the idea; design concept and quality; complete stylistic interpretation; choice of material and construction of cut; technical and creative realization.

Design must be original and not previously produced.

The designers of the works submitted will be responsible before any claims made in relation to the authorship of the designs and possible cases of plagiarism related to the same.

Brand Representative Person
Brand Representative Person
Brand Representative Person
Brand Representative Person
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Leave empty if you don't have any.
Leave empty if you don't have any.
Detailed curriculum vitae with portrait picture.
15-20 model sketches + Few pictures of one accomplished model + Fabric pictures