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“Injection” finale

For the seventh time, festival “Fashion Infection” invites to the finale of a contest “Injection”. The open contest is dedicated to discovering new fashion designers, and is a stepping stone into the heights of the world of fashion for young talents. This autumn the participants are being asked whether fashion equals religion.

“Strictly regulated costumes for religious ceremonies have become an inspiration and a source of discoveries for many artists, costume decorators and painters. By selecting the theme of fashion and religion, we want to see how religious motives and cultural symbols are reflected in fashion today. Maybe fashion has become our religion?”, Sandra Straukaitė, the creative director of “Fashion Infection” says.

On the 10th of December in the National Gallery of Art 16 young designers from Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus will present models of their own collections – five items each. Professional judges will determine who will get an exceptional prize – an opportunity to present personal fashion collection together with famous Lithuanian designers during the “Fashion Infection” show in spring 2014.

“Injection” is a contest, started in 2008, for discovering new talents in the fashion world. During six years of existence, the contest has received almost 230 applications from young designers, selected more than 50 finalists and discovered famous designers – Ieva Daugirdaitė, Diana Paukštytė, Eglė Žiemytė, Milda Čergelytė, “Tribe”, creative project “labàdienà”, Diana Kuzmickaitė and Aušra Urbanavičiūtė, Marija Popadničenko, Dainius Bendikas and Benas Staškauskas and many others.

Come to the National Gallery of Art on 10th of December and be among the first to know who will be the new fashion talents this year!

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